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The Claddagh

One thousand years ago, in the small town of Claddagh, there lived a young couple. They loved each other very much, but a dark time fell upon the whole of Ireland and the young man was called off to fight in a dangerous war. They were both very poor, and he had nothing to give his beloved as a sign of his enduring affection. So, in red clay, he forged a heart full of love, bound by the hands of enduring friendship and crowned with unending trust and loyalty, and then gave it to her. She accepted it, turned the heart towards her own, and cherished it as he set off with his battalion. 
Now, when we wear our own Claddaghs, we honour that same spirit by turning the hearts of the rings that bear towards ourselves to say that our hearts are spoken for, or wearing them with the hearts facing out to say that our hearts are unclaimed.
To wear a claddagh as a pendant or earrings means that you truthfully believe that these notions exist together, and love, friendship and loyalty are not just romantic whimsies, but foundations upon which we respect each other, honour each other and care for each other.